What is Funding Gates?

Funding Gates is a one-stop shop for small businesses to better manage their accounts receivable.

By automating the screening, monitoring and collection processes around trade credit transactions, our technology enables small businesses to make confident credit decisions and collect their receivables in an easier, quicker and effective way.

Over 50% of all small businesses in the US have a hard time getting paid by their customers. It is the number 1 reason why small businesses go out of business.

Because of lack of tools that exist for small business owners to reduce their delinquencies, they resort to Collection Agencies that charge anywhere from 30-50% in commissions.

Funding Gates provides you with the same tools that Fortune 1000 companies and Collection Agencies use to collect on delinquent accounts. But at a fraction of the cost, and in an extremely easy-to-use way.

Getting paid has never been easier. Sign up here to Funding Gates!


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